When do you set up and collect?
We either set up Wednesdays & collect Mondays OR set up Thursdays & collect Tuesdays. Occasionally this may vary.

How big is the hot tub?
You need a space of 2.5m x 2.5m for the gazebo or 3msq for the pink gazebo.

How much will it cost to maintain and run an inflatable hot tub?
We estimate it can cost around £7 – £10 a week to run based on feedback we have had from our customers (this however is ONLY an estimate and does not take into consideration specifics such as electricity supplier and increase in frequency of usage).

Can you leave the pump running all the time?
We recommend leaving the pump on all the time, as this maintains the heat of the water and will mean that the filter is running as well.

How long does it take to fill?
Your Lay-Z-Spa will usually take approximately 1- 2 hours to fill up to the recommended line (depending on your water pressure and Lay-Z-Spa model).

How long does it take to heat up?
This can vary greatly depending on the temperature of fresh water that goes into the hot tub, the ambient air temperature and which Lay-Z-Spa model you have (the higher the capacity of water, the longer the hot tub will take to heat up).

The Lay-Z-Spa Pump heats the water via a circulating pump and heats up at approx. 1.5-2°C/h (3-4°F/h) per hour.

In England in the Summer, it takes on average 24-30 hours and in the winter 36-42 hours. 

You can fill your hot tub up with warm water (not boiling water from the kettle though!) if you want to reduce the time that you have to wait to get up to your desired temperature. Ensuring that the spa is well insulated and that the lid is on will also greatly help!

Please leave your hot tub plugged in and turned on the whole time you have it on hire. Make sure the heat and filter light are on at all times or it will lose heat. When the bubbles are on it will lose heat so only have them on for short periods and make sure the heat button is still on after use.

You will need to clean your filter or change it on a daily basis. We will provide you with 2 filters.

You will need to top up the chlorine every day. We suggest a tablespoon of chlorine at the end of every day. If your hot tub show an E02 code it means the filter needs changing.

In high winds please take down the gazebo so it does not get damaged. Any damaged gazebos will encur an £80 charge.

What chocolate do you use for the chocolate fountain?
We use specialist chocolate. We can supply you with extra bags of chocolate if you need more than is provided

What drink can you use in the drinks dispenser?
Any drink is fine apart from thick drinks such as milkshake.

Do you have any safety guidelines? H&S Guidelines for Customers

What are your T&Cs? Please see our T’s & C’s here