Winter hot tub hire

It’s that time of year, the nights are drawing in and the temperature’s dropping. Although we find summer is our busiest season, hot tubs can be even more enjoyable in winter. Here are a few reasons why you should treat yourself to hot tub hire this season.

  1. Health benefits
    Hot tubs are brilliant for relaxing and de‑stressing, and the hot water is great for winter aches and pains. It’s often hard to shake off that feeling of coldness during the winter, soaking in hot tub warms you to the core, a feeling that remains for a good while after you get out.
  2. It’s actually more enjoyable than summer
    Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, but the contrast of the cold outside 犀利士 air versus the warmth of a hot tub water is glorious. Add in some twinkling lights, and steam rising up into the air and effect is fantastically atmospheric.
  3. It’s a comfortable way to enjoy being outdoors
    Most people spend less time outside in the Winter, but using a hot tub gives you an opportunity to get out in the garden and enjoy the fresh air whilst soaking in blissfully hot water. We’ll provide you with a Gazebo to keep off the rain, so you won’t be stopped by the weather.
  4. Our winter packages
    We have lots of winter extras to enhance your winter hot tub experience; twinkling fairy lights, disco lights, hot chocolate cones, prosecco, disposable slippers, dressing gowns for getting out? Our cinema package is also far more effective in the dark, so those early winter evening are suddenly a bonus.
  5. An interesting winter gathering or party
    Our social life is largely limited to indoors during the winter. Hiring a hot tub is a sure way to mix things up and make your gathering memorable. Whether it’s a birthday party, romantic occasion or a chilled-out evening with friends. We also have longer hires available on request.
  6. Family Time
    In our experience hot tubs are popular with all ages; kids, teens and adults. It’s an easy and fun way to spend some quality time with the family in the winter months, when everyone tends to gravitate towards their screens!